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Horoscopes for October 13th





ARIES- Try not to worry too much when today’s big obstacle pops up right in front of you — there’s not much you can do about it! See if your people can help you get around it, or just wait it out.

TAURUS- You are intensely practical — but way more fun than that makes you sound! Your energy today is terrific, and you ought to be able to get lots done without sacrificing your good mood.

GEMINI- You’ve got more going on than anyone realizes — and your hidden strengths definitely come into play today. Make sure that your energy is distributed fairly evenly across your various endeavors

CANCER- You need to get started on something new — all that good energy is just right for new beginnings. It’s a great day for launching an initiative, getting to know someone new or even starting over.

LEO- You need to avoid temptation today — even the least amount of backsliding can lead to all sorts of terrible results. Overdoing it is a real concern for you, or at least it ought to be.

VIRGO- Your thoughts are much easier to express today, so make sure that you’ve got the attention of the right people. It’s a good idea for you to write them all out, too, so you can consult later.

LIBRA- You need to try a lighter touch— things are heavy enough as it is! If you can get your people to just chill a little, then life can get back into the groove that it ought to be in.

SCORPIO- You need to push ahead if you want anything to get done today — the outcome is totally up to you! See if you can get your people to rally behind you, as it never hurts to have some assistance

SAGITTARIUS- Not every day can be a thrilling adventure — sometimes, you’ve got to deal with the boring realities of everyday life. Things are still pretty freaky, but you just have to cope with chores for a bit longer.

CAPRICORN- Make sure that your people are having a good time today — or at least that they don’t mind what they’re doing. Your great energy should help you do that, as long as you smile yourself.

AQUARIUS- Your energy is somewhat grounded today — so much so that you might not get much done! It’s a good time for you to sit back and listen as others regale you with stories of past exploits.

PISCES- You like what you hear — and you want to hear more! It may come from a crush or a potential employer, but you are definitely receiving a welcome message of some sort, probably late in the day.