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October 12th








ARIES- You should stick with your routines today -- there's just no need for you to improvise. That may not feel right to you, but with today's energy, it's better to follow than it is to lead.

TAURUS- You are having more fun than you can handle right now -- but that's a good thing, right? You may have to say no once or twice if you're over-committed to parties or dates, but that's a small price to pay.

GEMINI- Don't lay it on too thick when communicating with close friends and family members today -- short and sweet is best. It's way too easy for you all to misread each other, and that leads to disaster

CANCER- You should find it much easier to tell others what you are feeling today -- though it's never exactly difficult! Your communication skills are sharper than ever, and you can build from there

LEO- You need to get a handle on your finances today -- so make sure that you've got all the right data at hand and can consult with someone who knows what they're doing if you need to go in deep

VIRGO- It's another great day for you as you mark an important milestone or win a big prize. You may not even know what's going on until time has passed, but that just means you can enjoy the anticipation.

LIBRA- You feel a little slower and more deliberate today -- but that's a good thing! You can actually get more done despite the slower pace if you can just find a way to explain your process

SCORPIO- You have secrets -- who doesn't? -- but today, they are making life somewhat more difficult for you. The good news is that you can easily turn them to your advantage by selectively releasing the details.

SAGITTARIUS- You are having problems with authority figures today -- and vice versa! It may be a good time to let someone else do the talking for you, especially if you're facing down your boss.

CAPRICORN- You're looking at all the details for the next year or more of your life, and they are looking good! It's a great day for organizing and planning, as your practical energy is peaking

AQUARIUS- You've got to back away from business dealings today -- though only temporarily! Just take a day or two to consider anything important or long-term before committing. Advice would be really helpful.

PISCES- Try to devote your energies to the most important person (or people) in your life. Relationships are highlighted today, and if they're not positive, then you can tell that you need to work harder