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June 12, 2014

Aries– You may be doing well financially but there is a danger now you will take one risk too many and undo the good work you have done recently. Self-belief is a wonderful thing but too much can be self-defeating.

Taurus–You may do something so out of character today or tomorrow that even those who know you well will be shocked. Hopefully it won’t damage your reputation but it will lead to some interesting gossip!

Gemini– You could come into some money today – but be warned that you could lose it as quickly as it arrives. Don’t let rivals play on your greed – it’s very much your weak spot right now.

Cancer- A friend will offer you some excellent advice but because it is not what you were hoping to hear you may ignore it. Tomorrow you may regret it, so don’t let your ego get in the way of the facts.

Leo– You may be tempted to push yourself even harder today, both physically and mentally. But you are already moving fast and living close to the edge – one wrong step could send you over the cliff. Be cautious.

Virgo– If you want to get the most from the day you are advised to focus your energy in a single direction and put less important matters on the back burner. If you crave success, you have got to be ruthless.

Libra– You are attaching too much importance to issues that only a few days ago meant nothing to you at all. It’s impossible to say why but you need to ease up a bit. In the greater scheme of things, do they really matter?

Scorpio–Your big ideas, while potentially profitable, need to be brought down to earth a little. Add some reality into your thinking over the next two or three days – you won’t get rich on dreams alone.

Sagittarius– A lot of good things have been happening lately but tomorrow you will confront an issue that is unlikely to have a happy ending. Decide what is best for you personally, and for those you love, then act accordingly.

Capricorn– There is a danger that you will go to extremes today and start believing that nothing bad can possibly happen. That kind of thinking will set off a chain of events that remind you a few things are written in stone.

Aquarius– Don’t let anyone tell you that you have been lucky or that you do not deserve your good fortune. The fact is you deserve every good thing coming your way now. You make your own destiny.

Pisces–There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes at the moment and tomorrow you could find yourself involved in all sorts of plots and conspiracies. Make sure you don’t take any of it too seriously.