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October 15th









ARIES- Someone needs you to hear them out, and there's just no way to proceed without a sit-down. It may only take a few minutes -- or it may be an hours-long tearfest. Either way, you are better off enduring it

TAURUS- Pick up the pace a little -- or at least change things up. You need to make sure that you're not bored when evening hits, as your energy levels depend on you being engaged and with it

GEMINI- Your mental energy is off the charts today -- so get out there and solve some problems! You may find that intellectual pursuits are best for you now, and you should be able to help lots of people.

CANCER- Something challenged your domestic situation today -- maybe a ripple in your love life, maybe a difficult child or maybe just a big electric bill. You can handle it, but you may need some help.

LEO- People find your words enlightening today -- and they are much more likely to go along with any plans you want to make. Things are looking up for sure, so make the most of this sweet spot

VIRGO- Try something totally wild and different today -- you need to show the world that you aren't a creature of habit. It's easier than you may realize to shake things up, and a lot more fun!

LIBRA-You need to show off your home, or your art or your brilliant ideas -- whatever you feel the proudest of today. You are sure to find an appreciative audience, and things just get better from there!

SCORPIO-  You can't quite figure out why you're doing what you're doing today -- it's like you're watching yourself on television, or, worse, on a hilarious viral video. Your subconscious has taken over for now!

SAGITTARIUS- You are at your best as part of a team or family today -- so make sure to surround yourself with people you can trust. If that's just not going to happen, then at least try to reconnect with someone online.

CAPRICORN- You need things to be orderly today -- much more so than usual. The trouble is that most people are too focused on emotions to make sure that the trains run on time. It's up to you

AQUARIUS- Someone new enters your life today -- most likely someone you'd never think twice about under ordinary circumstances. Today, though, you can tell that they are likely to change your life in some way!

PISCES- Ring out the old business of the year a little early and start over -- you can feel the vibrant new energy that is coming your way! You may not feel totally there yet, but it doesn't take long