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June 19, 2014

Aries–Everyone thinks you’re a star – so why are you being so negative about your prospects? Step outside yourself today and see how you look through other people’s eyes. No one is perfect but you come close.

Taurus–There is no point cursing fate if what happens today is not to your liking. In the long-term everything will come good, so be strong and never doubt that no matter what happens, you will be stronger for it.

Gemini– You pride yourself on being extremely rational but today not every thought you have will be based entirely on reason. Don’t be too stubborn – there are times when it’s okay to change your mind.

Cancer- Some kind of offer will tempt you today but can you be sure it is genuine? You have good reason to be suspicious, so take care when dealing with people who promise you the world for just a small investment.

Leo–People around you will be rather moody today, which may get you annoyed. Before the situation spirals out of control remind yourself that in the greater scheme of things it’s of little importance.

Virgo–A relationship will come under pressure today and if you say or do the wrong thing it may even come to an end. Tomorrow you will regret having been so brutally outspoken but chances are it needed to happen.

Libra–You are at a crossroads as far as a creative project is concerned. Do you carry on with it although it’s a struggle, or do you give up and focus your energy in a new direction? Only you can decide.

Scorpio– Make sure you get your chores out of the way as quickly as possible over the next 24 hours. If you let what should have been done today wait until tomorrow you will fall behind and may never catch up.

Sagittarius–It is important that you deal with an outstanding feud immediately because if you allow it to linger it will hold you back later and that could be disastrous. Look a bit harder for a compromise solution.

Capricorn– If you’re not in the mood to work today don’t push yourself. Even if you force yourself to do what is expected of you it’s unlikely you’ll do a good job, so wait until you are in a more positive frame of mind.

Aquarius–Why do you hesitate? Something is holding you back from taking risks, even small ones, and that’s a shame because the planets suggest that if you take a chance today it could pay off in a big way.

Pisces– Once again you are worrying about things you have no way of changing. What you fear the most is the one thing that is least likely to happen, so be brave and go on the attack. You’ll win.