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June 24, 2014

Aries–A relationship may have been under strain lately but don’t worry. Before the week is over you will have patched up your differences. Sometimes it takes bad times to bring back the good times.

Taurus–If you’re tired of being in second place to someone less talented then now is the time to do something about it. Let important people know what you can do. The problem is you rarely push yourself forward.

Gemini–The next few days will be memorable – hopefully for the right reasons. You are more likely to enjoy yourself if you let go of hang-ups and allow yourself to enjoy what life has to offer. Remember to smile.

Cancer- Some things you can change and some things you can’t. Try to accept the ups and downs of daily life with serenity. It’s not as difficult as it sounds – just don’t take anything, including yourself, too seriously.

Leo– Don’t worry too much about keeping things civil today. If you’ve got something to say then come right out with it and, if certain people don’t like it, too bad! You are under no obligation to be nice.

Virgo– You will get several interesting offers over the next few days. How will you know which of them are right for you? Just listen to your inner voice and follow what it tells you to do.

Libra–Not everyone will approve of what you get up to today but that won’t worry you one bit. The planets will bring out the devil-may-care side of your nature over the next 24 hours. You will enjoy shocking people.

Scorpio– You may be in the mood to change things but there are some things it might be wiser to leave as they may be. Make changes for a reason, not just because you can (or because it annoys other people!).

Sagittarius–You will get things done quicker today if you join forces with people who share your aims, principles and beliefs. Also, be sure to tell the most special person in your life how much you adore them.

Capricorn–Decide what it is you need to accomplish, then get at it with energy and self-belief. No matter how many disappointments you have suffered in recent weeks, from here on it will be success all the way.

Aquarius–You may be in the mood to settle an old score but is that really sensible? Focus only on positive objectives and pretend that negative and annoying people do not exist. Then get busy on making money.

Pisces– If you know what you want and if you act quickly and decisively you are sure to accomplish great things. Someone in a position of authority thinks you are special and they will think you are even more special after today!