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June 25, 2014

Aries–Sometimes it is best to leave things to fate. You are under divine protection at the moment so nothing and no one can hurt you. Not that anyone in their right mind would want to try it anyway.

Taurus–It annoys you when others drag their feet but there is no point losing your temper if a friend or loved one takes too much time over something today. Do whatever it takes to hold in that scream.

Gemini–You may be tempted to take what you want today, simply because you know that you can, but you should look a little further ahead and think how it might affect a relationship. What goes around tends to come around.

Cancer- There may be times over the next 24 hours when it feels as if you are the only one who does not know what is going on.  But being out of the loop could actually work in your favor today.

Leo– Don’t keep your plans to yourself. Let others know what you intend to do and invite them to join in if they have something to offer. This is a great day for strengthening bonds that may have come a bit loose.

Virgo– There is nothing wrong with having power but if you’ve got it you must make sure you use it in the right way. Bear that thought in mind today. Don’t use power to take what you are not really entitled to.

Libra–Mars in your sign makes you believe you can do anything you choose but other aspects warn if you act without thinking today you could end up a serious loser. Stay on the good side of people in positions of power.

Scorpio–Someone will pull rank on you today but don’t get uptight about it because there is nothing you can do to change things. Keep your feelings to yourself, no matter how tempted you may be to speak your mind.

Sagittarius– You may have to twist a few arms to get what you want today but it won’t be too difficult. Just make sure you only make life tough for your rivals and enemies – not your friends.

Capricorn–If you don’t make a decision soon about a career matter it will be taken out of your hands. Don’t get too hung up on available choices – whatever you go for will work out well for you in the end.

Aquarius–Someone you meet on your travels will become very important to you. You will be on the same wavelength mentally and emotionally – and there is even the chance that romance could blossom.

Pisces– Sometimes it is better to back off from a fight and today is definitely one of them. Let others argue and put the world to rights – your talents are better suited for loving and laughing.