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Horoscopes for October 17th





ARIES- Your phone might start to heat up from overuse today — try to take a break now and then! You need to make sure that you hear the latest news, of course, but even you could use a rest from time to time.

TAURUS- Try to put off any big financial decisions for a little while — you need to make sure that you’ve got all the right info before you can make the call. Things should make more sense tomorrow

GEMINI- That big brain of yours is making life much more interesting for those around you, so make sure that you’re talking it up and getting new ideas buzzing through your head. Someone is taking a new interest!

CANCER- You’re not at your friendliest, but that isn’t the end of the world. In fact, you should find that things are going your way once you start to shake off this bad mood and get back to the stuff that really matters.

LEO- Spend some time getting to know new people today — they are everywhere, and you are likely to need at least one of them for something important in the not too distant future. Put your smile on!

VIRGO- Think fast — things are getting crazy! Your mental energy is just right for reacting quickly to changing circumstances, but you may feel a bit disgruntled when all is finally said and done

LIBRA- Your ability to see both sides of any argument usually works out well for you, but that could be a problem today. Try not to push anyone too hard and everyone should get along great.

SCORPIO- Business matters require greater attention than usual, so make sure that you’ve got all the details covered. At least one person at work (or a customer) requires a whole new level of care.

SAGITTARIUS- Someone close is talking the talk — but are they willing to walk the walk? It’s hard to say, but you may find that your energy is right for telling the difference and showing them how it’s done.

CAPRICORN- Your brain is an important tool right now — but don’t neglect your other tools! You need to get exercise, use your political strength and do whatever else it takes to get your projects completed.

AQUARIUS- Your brain is one of your sexiest assets — and that is saying something. Use it to its fullest extent today and you might just land some attention that could make it all totally worthwhile

PISCES- Try not to get too involved with projects that are detail-oriented right now — your mind is just better prepared for work of a more fluid nature. If you must handle a spreadsheet, get some help!