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June 30, 2014

Aries– Honesty is by far the best policy, so get ready to tell a friend or loved one something you fear may turn them against you. You will be surprised to discover they don’t really care – in the nicest possible way.

Taurus–You need to get serious about your money situation. For too long now you have been content to take what you were given but now you must ask for more. In fact, demand it!

Gemini– So many things will change over the next few days – and mostly they will be nice things. The planets are about to reward you for all the efforts you made but don’t stop there. Keep the momentum going.

Cancer- Close your ears to criticism and let your heart lead you. The more others tell you that you are on the wrong course, the more you should keep to the path you are on. Always listen to your inner voice.

Leo– If you join forces with like-minded people over the next few days you will accomplish something remarkable. It may not be possible for one lone individual to change the world but many minds working together can do it.

Virgo– People in authority will look on you favorably over the next few days, so keep doing what you are doing and make sure you do it with a smile. The harder you work now the more you will be rewarded later on.

Libra–Cosmic activity will do wonders for your confidence over the next 48 hours and it won’t be long before what you’ve been worrying about is consigned to the trash of history – right where it belongs.

Scorpio–The more others try to intimidate you today the more you must stick to your guns. They are only criticizing you this much because they fear that your ambitious plans might succeed. Stay calm and carry on.

Sagittarius– There are times when it is sensible to let other people take the lead and this is most certainly one of them. As from tomorrow on, you can seize the initiative and make things happen.

Capricorn– You need to get your everyday affairs in order but to do that you will need to be more ruthless than you have been. Anything that distracts you from your aims must be cut out of your life altogether.

Aquarius–Be forceful and dynamic and make the most of whatever new opportunities come your way. Everything will work out for the best if you believe in yourself and that the Universe is on your side.

Pisces–Over the next few days the planets will bring up issues that you have been trying to avoid. Once you realize you can no longer run away from them you will have to look for solutions – and there will be plenty.