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ARIES- People are more than willing to let you get your way today -- as long as you are willing to smile and butter them up! It doesn't take much for you to tip the balance in your favor, so work that charm

TAURUS-Now is a good time for you to take care of personal business -- even if that leaves someone in the lurch! You can always make it up to them later, and things are sure to get better for both of you soon.

GEMINI- Your thoughts are focused and orderly -- which might be somewhat unusual for you -- and you may find it easier to follow up on complex plans and ideas. Go for it! You need a boost.

CANCER- All problems seem to be twice as hard as they should be today -- so you need to step up and apply twice as much energy to them! It's exhausting, but you can see a light at the end of the tunnel

LEO- Your people are lining up around the block to pay their homage to you -- or maybe to ask you for favors. It doesn't matter either way, as you value their friendship as much as they value yours.

VIRGO- You need to show that you can meet someone halfway on an issue that doesn't mean much to you, but means the world to them. Make sure you're really connecting and the rest will follow.

LIBRA- Your eye for beauty is heightened today -- and yes, that is possible! You may find that you need something new for your kitchen or office that is sure to bring it into the right balance

SCORPIO- Nobody seems to be direct right now -- not even you! It's a good time for you to ask yourself what you want to do about your friends' weird situation, as you can't really understand it yet.

SAGITTARIUS- Your people need to hear from you, so speak up! That could mean anyone from dear friends to old coworkers, and at least one of them has an interesting tip for you, so keep shaking the bushes!

CAPRICORN- Get started on something new today -- your energy insists upon it! You should find that things start to go your way pretty quickly, but anticipate resistance from an unexpected party

AQUARIUS- Try to branch out from your usual routines -- though that may be tough, as your routines make others' lives look like clockwork! Try something totally wild and out there, then report back to your friends.

PISCES-Make some improvements to your life or your relationships today -- it's a great time for tinkering. You may not change your life entirely, but you can be proud of what you've accomplished