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July 7, 2014

Aries– Partnership issues and money matters will be important today. You must resist the urge to splash out on expensive gifts for those you love – you may end up spending a lot more than you intended.

Taurus– Life may be a bit of a struggle at the moment but you will learn something useful from it. You are here for a reason. Your life has meaning and purpose. So stop complaining and start living again.

Gemini–There are times when it is right to act on a hunch and this is one of them. You should not only listen to your inner voice but act on what it is so clearly telling you.

Cancer- If you let your fears get the better of you today you will regret it later when you realize what a great opportunity you have allowed to pass by. If you see an opening, go for it. It might be the chance you have been waiting for.

Leo– You may be tempted to let a rival off the hook today but that may not be a good idea, only because it is likely to encourage others to take advantage of you too. Be ruthless and make an example of them.

Virgo– You can make yourself happy or make yourself sad – the choice is yours. The effort that goes into being depressed can just as easily be diverted into finding things in life that delight you. There are plenty of them.

Libra–The more nice things you say about others today the more nice things they will do for you in the near future. You will have to make your compliments sound sincere (especially if they’re not) but it’s an effort worth making.

Scorpio–Take a less provocative approach when dealing with people you have been in disagreement with. Your differences are not so wide that you cannot find areas where you both can agree. But you’ve got to look.

Sagittarius– You may think your charm will get you everything you desire, and you may be right, but that is not an excuse to bend rules or cut corners. Everything balances out in the end, so if you cheat others now you will pay for it later.

Capricorn– Every once in a while you do something that shocks even those who know you well and you will go out of your way to be controversial today. But tomorrow you will be making apologies.

Aquarius– Don’t give up on a relationship just because it is going through a bad patch. It is times like these that test your commitment and if you hang in there the tide will turn in your favor soon enough.

Pisces–If an issue is causing you sleepless nights the best way to deal with it is to focus your mind on something else for a while. Eventually you may find that you no longer care who wins and who loses.