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July 14, 2014

 Aries– Resist the urge to make value judgments about other people. We all have different fates to follow and you cannot know what is right for someone else. You should only be concerned about your own behavior.

Taurus– Act quickly if someone in a position of power offers you something you desire. It’s okay to be cautious but if you leave it too long you could find the opportunity has been offered to someone else.

Gemini– If you need to do something that is going to take a lot of physical energy then now is the time. Don’t wait to be offered something you are in a position to take for yourself. Be bold, be brave and step into action.

Cancer- Deep down you know that everything will turn out for the best but that may be hard to convince the logical side of your mind. The way to overcome fear is through faith in yourself – it makes all things possible.

Leo– The more others say you should be disciplined and respectful of tradition the more you will go out of your way to be rebellious. There is no reason why you should follow the rules just because other people say you must.

Virgo– You may be a bit apprehensive about some of the changes now taking place but if you go with the flow and trust your instincts nothing bad will happen. These changes are designed to make life more rewarding.

Libra– You will assertive and adventurous over the next 24 hours. If you believe in your abilities then anything and everything is possible for you. Employers and powerful people will be impressed by your can-do attitude.

Scorpio– Your imaginative powers will be strong today but only if you have a positive attitude too. If you allow the unknown to scare you then what goes on over the next 24 hours will send you rushing for cover.

Sagittarius– Others may follow the old way of doing things but you are more adventurous. Be inventive and original and if you are able to respond you will create something that will be praised.

Capricorn– Look for ways to turn new developments to your advantage. This should be an amazingly productive time for you. Listen to other people’s suggestions too, even though they may not always be to your liking.

Aquarius– You don’t usually let your passions get the better of you but they will do so today. You won’t care today what other people think about what you do or say. Tomorrow, however, you may be embarrassed!

Pisces–If you respect other people they will respect you. But if you say or do things that others find offensive you can expect some kind of backlash. As with each and every other issue in your life, the choice is your own.