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October 18th






ARIES- You're having some hard feelings about an old issue today -- and you need to face them directly! Things are getting weird at home, but you can still handle it all if you're brave.

TAURUS- You need to tell someone about what you're feeling, even if it's a deep, dark secret. There must be someone you can trust, so get out there and track them down -- then spill the juicy details!

GEMINI- It's time for a check-up -- or just a check-in. Your health should be your top concern, even if you're doing fine so far. You want to keep it that way, right? Take one step closer to total health

CANCER- When things get intense, they really get intense -- around you, anyway! Your emotional energy is all balled up and ready to explode, but the odds are good that the results are positive for you and yours

LEO- You're not sure what's really going on with your sweetie or that one coworker, but you need to ask questions or observe more carefully. Your mindset is just right for detective work, so get going!

VIRGO- You can't skip around on the surface any longer -- you need to dive in deep! Make sure that you've got a line to the surface so you can find your way back, but then get down to the bottom of it all.

LIBRA- This is the best day for you to meditate, have that long-overdue chat with your mate or contemplate your spiritual side. You may not feel totally comfortable, but that just means you're on the right path!

SCORPIO- You are feeling even more attractive than usual -- and you're right! You can easily attract a new mate or a new gig, if that's what you're looking for. If not, get out there and find yourself something new!

SAGITTARIUS- Your moods are deep even on a good day, but right now, they seem to be taking you to somewhere pretty dark. Don't panic -- just watch and learn. You should return much wiser for the experience

CAPRICORN- You can take a big step back from today's schedule and see things for what they really are -- but you have to remind yourself to do it! The perspective is invaluable, and should make life much simpler

AQUARIUS- Those emotions of yours have a way of coming out at inopportune times -- like now! Try not to get embarrassed when you reveal the truth, because it's sure to work out better for you in the long run.

PISCES- Why should you force yourself to make that big decision today? Things are weird enough as they are, and if you'd rather just watch and wait, that's okay. You may find that things start to get better soon.