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July 21, 2014

Aries– You need to get tough with someone who has been giving you a hard time. People will respect you more if you show that you respect yourself. You don’t have to take anything from anyone.

Taurus– This is an important time for career matters, especially if you are the kind of Taurus who wants to get on in the world. Being ambitious is not a sin and anyone who suggests that it might be is not to be trusted.

Gemini– You have enough work on your plate as it is, so don’t take on any more. If you go beyond your limits now you’ll regret it later in the week when you don’t have the energy to take advantage of new opportunities.

Cancer– Someone is trying to make you feel guilty about something that was not your fault. Don’t let them. You may be tempted to just ignore their efforts but if you don’t counter-act quickly your reputation could suffer.

Leo– The more time you spend trying to work out what might go wrong over the next few days the less time you will have for making things go right, and that would be a shame. Worry is a useless emotion.

Virgo– You may not be much in the mood for routine activities today but you should make a serious effort to catch up on the backlog of jobs you never quite got around to over the previous weeks. That means now!

Libra–In some areas it might be wise to play safe and stick with what you know and trust. Creatively and romantically you have a lot to gain but also a lot to lose, so don’t go to extremes – find a workable middle way.

Scorpio– Don’t hesitate to tell others what it is you desire because someone might hand it to you on a plate. Stranger things have happened and will continue to happen over the next few weeks, so be ready and expect anything!

Sagittarius– You must be totally committed to what you are working on. If you are reluctant to get fully involved other people may decide they can do without you– which won’t do your ego any good.

Capricorn– Don’t run yourself into the ground doing things for other people. It’s great that you are so enthusiastic but your energy is limited and must be saved for those things that mean something to you.

Aquarius– Even the best of friends fall out occasionally – it’s no big deal. You will get the chance to make up later in the week and if you take it there will be no lasting harm done. Next time, try not to get so emotional.

Pisces– If someone you trust offers you advice today you would be wise to listen, even if it is not what you were hoping to hear. That applies to all areas of your life but especially to property matters, investments and other joint financial issues.