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Horoscopes for October 18th






ARIES- You need to let people see how you feel today — don’t be shy about reacting however you want. If it turns into an emotional situation, that might actually be for the best, so make sure that you’re honest.

TAURUS- Try your best to boost your feelings of security today, no matter how down you may be this morning. The good news is that you can feel better about money, love or almost anything else with just a little effort!

GEMINI- Do you have a budget? Can you stick to it? Now is the time to find out — you’ve got to stretch every dollar, even if you feel rich. Money is tighter than you think, so find a way to hold onto it.

CANCER- Your energy levels are through the roof today, so get out there and tackle some new projects. You ought to be able to take care of almost anything you put your mind to. Enjoy the boost!

LEO- You are feeling a strong urge to do something new — but you can’t figure out why. It’s a good time to let your subconscious mind take over and guide you the rest of the way to your goal.

VIRGO- You need to exercise your social energy today — which could mean anything from hitting a party to finding a new friend at the train station. You feel more connected to others, that’s for sure.

LIBRA- Try not to worry too much if things don’t go the way you want them to — you’re just in a weird stage right now, but you should be able to get past it as long as you can find a way to keep your cool

SCORPIO- You may find yourself even more driven than usual — which is really saying something! It’s a great time for you to step up and make sure that your people are all on your side and doing their part.

SAGITTARIUS- You need to get in deeper with your friends or loved ones today — your energy doesn’t let you tolerate superficial nonsense. Try to get your people to engage with you on a more intense level.

CAPRICORN- Your home needs some better stuff — or maybe just some TLC. Your energy is just right for making your living space into something sweeter, so spend the time and money to make it so.

AQUARIUS- Get over the latest round of problems — it’s all just details, really — and move on to something bigger and better. Just because today isn’t all that great, that doesn’t mean you have to suffer tomorrow!

PISCES- You’re feeling the urge to put on a show or host a party — so get to it! Your emotional energy is perfect for getting people together and making them see how great life can be.