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July 30, 2014

Aries– You may feel you have gone as far as you can go with a project but don’t give up on it yet. Because if you do you will most likely regret it next month. Instead just put it on the back burner for a while.

Taurus– There is a danger that you will overreact to criticism and say or do something that comes back to haunt you. You must think carefully before replying to what others say. Stay in control of your emotions.

Gemini– One huge effort may get you past some kind of obstacle but will it have a reverse effect on your health? Take a more relaxed attitude to what you think you have to do. It can wait.

Cancer– You need to do something about your cash flow situation but you need to make sure that it does not risk everything. Is it really so desperate? Or have you convinced yourself that things are worse than they are?

Leo–Your imagination is working overtime. In one way that’s good, you will be more creative than usual, but don’t expect everyone else to go along with your plans or you may be disappointed.

Virgo– All you want is to be left alone for a while.  Find a quiet place you can call your own and think about the meaning of life. You’ll be back in party mode by the end of the week.

Libra– Everything that occurs in life is part of a bigger plan, so don’t try too hard to change things because it’s unlikely to happen. Sit back and let fate take its course – success and happiness are sure to follow.

Scorpio–If you approach a task in a negative frame of mind today then you won’t enjoy it. But if you can find a way to pretend you have been really looking forward to it then it might surprise you how easy it is.

Sagittarius–Be open to alternative viewpoints. The world is changing faster than ever and those who don’t try to keep up will be left behind. Be alert to what is going on around you and be ready to move with the times.

Capricorn– Don’t come on too strong today or you could turn people against you and damage your reputation. You may think you can get away with almost anything but it isn’t true. Be assertive but be smart.

Aquarius–Today you must make sure that your dreams have a solid basis in reality. Flights of fancy can be fun but if your head is in the clouds, you still must keep your feet on the ground.

Pisces– If a friend or work colleague says something hurtful don’t take it to heart. You should take it as a sign that you are on the right track. They obviously feel threatened, so keep doing what you’re doing!