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October 19th







ARIES- You are having an easier time with meetings, brainstorming and other activities that require leadership and forward-thinking. Your great mental energy ensures that you impress all the right people.

TAURUS- You've got to deal with a financial issue that isn't going anywhere -- so roll up those sleeves and get back to work! You can get the help you need, but handle the details yourself

GEMINI- You and your closest buds are all wrapped up in something new and exciting -- so get out there and take it even further! You should find that things start to get weird and cool by sundown

CANCER- You should focus on others today -- and yes, you do that a lot anyway, but today is special. Your devotion to service and helping people is sure to pay off if you push it even more now.

LEO- Your love life should see a boost today, so make sure you're ready to take advantage of this new burst of great energy. Things are looking up for you and your family, too, so it's good all around!

VIRGO- Your pace is set by external factors today -- there's no rushing things! Try to accept that you're moving more slowly than you'd like and you should find that things pick back up in a few days.

LIBRA- You need to speak out today -- otherwise, people are likely to assume you don't care. That couldn't be farther from the truth, so tell them how you feel before they make up their minds.

SCORPIO- You need to let your impulsive side take over at some point today, even if it costs you. That's not such a big deal, really -- you can afford it, and what you get out of it should be terrific.

SAGITTARIUS- Enjoy your people today -- they only add to your already terrific energy levels! It's a great time for you to make sure that your friends know what's going on, as your communication powers are enhanced.

CAPRICORN- You are moving faster today, and may find that things get done before you even really get started. That's great, so make sure you can capitalize on all the spare time you are sure to have.

AQUARIUS- Things change for the better today -- at least as far as you're concerned! You should end the day with more opportunities than you know what to do with, so make sure you are prepared to make some tough decisions.

PISCES- You need to defend your beliefs today -- maybe quite a few times! It's not that hard, but it can get tiring, so make sure that you have resources you can draw on to recharge your energy