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August 1, 2014

Aries– You are feeling a lot more positive about life now and that makes you more willing to get out and shake hands with people who can be of benefit to you. Nothing in life is so bad that a smile can’t improve.

Taurus– If someone you don’t usually get along with makes an effort to be nice to you today you must be nice to them in return. Just because you have different values does not mean you cannot get along - or be friends.

Gemini– With the planets moving through one of the more positive areas of your chart you will find it easy to hit targets that in the past you assumed were too high for you. Reach for the sky!

Cancer– There are some days when, no matter how hard the task you have to take care of, everything comes easy to you, and this is one of them. Ask yourself what it is you would most like to achieve – then do it.

Leo– If you limit yourself to tried and tested ways over the next few days you will make more work for yourself and you could miss out on something good. Be open to new ideas and new ways of solving problems.

Virgo– Nothing bad will happen today so long as you stay calm and think logically. You never let your heart overrule rule your head. That will help you make sense of what makes no sense at all.

Libra–If you try to force others to follow your lead today they will refuse. If you use your charm to win them over you will find it quite easy to push them in the direction you want them to go. You’re a major persuader!

Scorpio– What is your number one ambition in life? Are you close to making it come true? If not, don’t worry because there is plenty of time. Take each day as it comes and move forward one step at a time.

Sagittarius–The setbacks of the past few months are beginning to fade and all you should care about this weekend is having as much fun as possible. This is one of the best times of the year for you – so enjoy it.

Capricorn– You have a bit of an obsession with perfection but you need to remember that not everyone shares it. It’s good to feel that you are in control but if you take it too far today you might tempt certain people to be disruptive.

Aquarius–This is an excellent time for travel and social activities, and maybe affairs of the heart as well. You will be chatty and charming today and will make a good impression on someone new.

Pisces– If you are planning a surprise for a loved one this coming weekend be careful who you confide in because today information could easily slip out. You don’t want to spoil what should be a fun event.