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August 4, 2014

Aries– The Sun does wonders for your confidence and today you will go out of your way to show the world what a special person you are.  But a financial matter you have been neglecting still needs to be dealt with.

Taurus– Your logic may seem a bit disconnected today and you will have to make an effort not to let little things annoy you. Strive to see the good in everyone you meet. It won’t be easy but it’s there if you look for it.

Gemini– By all means give others a chance to put their points of view across today but once they have done so, stay in favor of your own opinion. Don’t beat about the bush: speak your mind and be done with it.

Cancer–You are under no obligation to be nice to people you don’t like but if they are people whose assistance you might need in the near future it would be wise to stay on their good side, at least for now.

Leo– All things may seem possible for you but that is not an invitation to ignore common sense and attempt something that is clearly way beyond your capabilities. Everyone has limits, so be practical.

Virgo– Don’t give too much away about yourself today. Keep others guessing as to what your next move might be. The less they know the less likely it is they will be able to frustrate your plans.

Libra–The more others try to persuade you that now is not the time to try something different the more confident you can be that it’s exactly the right time. You like taking chances, so discover something new.

Scorpio– Usually you are happy to stand aside and let others argue about trivial issues but something small has got you riled up and you intend to have your say. Watch out world – your on the warpath!

Sagittarius–Be aware of other people’s doubts but don’t let them worry you. If you take everyone’s worries into account you won’t get much done. The important thing is that you have confidence in yourself.

Capricorn– Today you could be right to suspect that the deal you’ve been offered is useless. If there is the slightest doubt in your mind then you must turn it down.

Aquarius–Don’t be too hard on people whose beliefs are the opposite of your own. They are as entitled to their way of thinking and doing things as you are to yours. Be tolerant and talk only about issues you can agree on.

Pisces– You will be bombarded with advice from every direction today and a lot of it will be contradictory. Chances are you can learn from what others are telling you but first you will need to filter the good advice from the garbage.