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Horoscopes for October 19th






ARIES- Don’t suppress your feelings today — they are vital! Even if they embarrass you or make you feel weird about life, you still need to make sure that you’re speaking from the heart.

TAURUS- Are you single? If so, now is the time to step up your game and ask someone out — especially if they’re a little intimidating. Risk-taking is definitely rewarded, though maybe somewhat obliquely

GEMINI- Now is a good time to write out everything you need to do. Life is getting away from you, but if you have a task list, you can at least manage to take care of whatever is most important

CANCER- Start over in some way today. That is not a bad thing by any means — you just have the opportunity to get a leg up on something totally new, but only if you can begin again from scratch.

LEO- Your intuitive side is out in force today — and you need to make sure that you’re making the most of it. Listen to your gut before making decisions, as you should know deep down what’s right for you.

VIRGO- You need to avoid being alone as much as you can today — things are getting pretty freaky, but your emotional state is sure to be strong as long as you are surrounded by good people.

LIBRA- Things are not going your way — still — but you can get by as long as you’re flexible. Bend with the wind so it doesn’t break you, then find a way to work with the situation as it really is.

SCORPIO- Try something totally new today. It could be a new place to eat, a new way to relate to your sweetie or maybe a new career path, but you’ve got to put this dramatic energy to good use soon.

SAGITTARIUS- Your relationships need a little attention — or maybe quite a lot! Make sure that you are there for the people who need you and that you’re taking better care of yourself as well.

CAPRICORN- You can’t help feeling the need to be elsewhere, but that’s likely true no matter where you find yourself — so you are better off dealing with your feelings than actually taking off for somewhere new.

AQUARIUS- You can’t dwell on past mistakes or present tensions — you’ve got a bright future to look forward to! Make sure that your energy is forward-directed and move on past your current mess.

PISCES- Your dreams are more vivid than those of most people, and you might want to see if you can get some more information out of them. It’s a really good time for you to make changes, too!