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November 1st






ARIES- You can't just assume that everyone else gets you today -- it's up to you to be as clear as you can! Communication problems that start today are sure to linger, so nip them in the bud when possible.

TAURUS- Nothing really makes sense today -- until you start digging deeper, that is! Make sure that your thinking cap is on while you try your best to get to the bottom of this mystery. You can do it!

GEMINI-Your amazing energy is filling you up with great ideas and playful ambitions -- in fact, you may find yourself flirting with folks you'd never have thought were in your league! Have fun with it

CANCER- You have got to keep the small details in mind today as you go about your business -- otherwise, you're likely to have to go back and do it all over again! Get some help focusing, if you need it.

LEO- Listen to what your friends have to say today -- it's important! Things are likely to get a little weird for you before much time elapses, but their good advice can keep you from falling.

VIRGO- You need to resolve something related to your work or career today -- now is the best time for it! Your energy is just right for making your resume shine or for making new connections.

LIBRA- Things just feel good today -- though you may not be able to pinpoint why. Don't worry too much about it! Sometimes you just have to enjoy the good energy and let things happen.

SCORPIO- Take extra care with all matters today, but especially those involving small details; they are easy to mess up or to overlook, and if you do, things may fall apart pretty quickly. Be on guard!

SAGITTARIUS- You need to take the initiative and move things forward -- otherwise, who can say where the day will end up? Your actions carry much more weight than usual, so try to keep them positive.

CAPRICORN- You are feeling somewhat less able to focus than you would like -- so take a walk, or take off early. You may not be able to do much about it, which could mean it's time to switch to more social tasks.

AQUARIUS- You need to show off who you truly are today -- even if you're not entirely sure yourself! Just be natural and see what happens. Uniqueness is highly prized on a day like today

PISCES- You should find the day to be crammed with activities -- even if you had left your schedule empty on purpose! Just roll with it, as more of them will be fun than boring, and that makes for a good day!