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Horoscopes for October 20th





ARIES- Make sure you’re moving as much as you can today — things are developing, and you need to be in the thick of it all. Your great energy helps you to make the most of every opportunity

TAURUS- You’ve got to let people be people today — no matter how ridiculous they get. Your tolerance should pay off as at least one of them busts out with a new idea that really saves the day.

GEMINI- You are feeling light and breezy and carefree — but you may be the only one! If you need to go off by yourself and just let others stew, so be it; you don’t have to come down to their level.

CANCER- Get big and crazy today — the more outrageous, the better! Sometimes you need to really let go before you can feel right about yourself and your people, so blow off that steam today.

LEO- You need to revel in whatever good stuff comes your way today — though a little sharing might be in order! Your amazing, positive energy helps you to coast through events like a bobsled.

VIRGO- You’re not nearly as organized as you wish you were — but that can change! You just need to take a moment to refocus your energy and you should then find at least one new way to take care of business.

LIBRA- People want answers — and you’ve got them! Your wisdom is in high demand, so you can expect to be the go-to person for everyone from coworkers to kids.

SCORPIO- Your working life is going through changes today — and you need to make sure that you’re paying attention! It may be a good idea for you to think about making a move, but you need to bide your time

SAGITTARIUS- Take a little risk — if you can afford it! Your energy is great, and while there are never any guarantees in life, you can feel confident that things are likelier to go your way today

CAPRICORN- You have to make an important decision — one that is sure to displease a friend or colleague. They may feel more deserving of your time, but you have to do what you have to do.

AQUARIUS- Your creative powers are well-known, but today brings a new kind of playfulness — and also seriousness — to your work. It’s a good time to fight for your creative vision. There will be dissension

PISCES- You’re a bit overwhelmed by all the business that’s coming in today, which is both good and bad. You may have to defer some of your favorite people until you have some room to breathe