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November 5th





ARIES-Now is a great time for catharsis -- and it's better for you to get started yourself than to have it thrust upon you! Things may look a lot more interesting once you've settled some old scores.

TAURUS-  Listen to your instincts today -- they are trying to tell you something important! You may find that you know more than you realize when it comes to your partner or family members

GEMINI- You may cling tightly to things (or people) that need freedom. Try to let go, but don't be too hard on yourself if you hold on. Freedom does come eventually, so enjoy it when the time is right.

CANCER- Your feelings are more intense than usual, but this is mostly good for you -- a lot of them are positive and the ones that aren't are now a little bit easier for you to understand and control

LEO- Your innate warmth is showing today -- so bring someone new into the fold or help out a friend with big problems. You never know what may be needed, so try to make the most of this energy

VIRGO- Your friends are looking for you -- so get out there and make yourself visible! It may not be much when you hear what they need, but you can certainly help out and make life better for everyone.

LIBRA- Your people need your attention -- do you have time for them? Things are starting to get pretty intense around the house, but you can show others that they don't have to butt heads to get their way.

SCORPIO- Ask and ye shall receive -- within reason! Your great personal energy means that you are that much closer to achieving your goals. Make sure that you're open about what you want

SAGITTARIUS- Your mood is the best guide to your life today -- so if you're up, get out and frolic, but if you're down, stay in and think your dark thoughts. Neither state lasts forever, and you should see a new balance tomorrow.

CAPRICORN- You are extremely practical, and today's energy forces you to deal only with the most pressing issues at hand. Things may start to get a lot more interesting once you uncover the truth

AQUARIUS- It's hard to stay focused on one task, but that is exactly what you have to do today. You know what's most pressing, so make sure that you're on it until it's well behind you. Things get better soon!

PISCES- Try not to hole up on your own today -- you need to get out there and mix it up! Go out on a date if you can, or browse personals online to find a connection. If you're already paired up, so much the better!