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November 12th







ARIES-Now is the best time for you get started in a new direction -- especially one that involves contracts or other legal paperwork. You are better suited to understanding details and relationships

TAURUS- You have healthy desires -- but maybe they're a little too healthy today! You need to moderate your consumption if you don't want to come across as greedy or egotistical. It's worthwhile!

GEMINI- It's go time! Your energy demands action, and you should find that most barriers have been removed by the time you reach them. It's a good day to show off and show people what you are made of.

CANCER- Watch out for domestic disturbances -- even the tiniest tiff can turn into a full-scale war if you don't take care of it early on. You should at least get advance warning of any big blow-ups.

LEO- You are having a good time, and that should be enough. Still, you feel the need to drag others into it -- and this meddling should actually make life a lot better for your people. Lucky them!

VIRGO- You need to show the world that you're not exactly what it thinks you are -- but you may not be able to do so without making a scene. If that's how it is, go for it. Why not? Sometimes you need attention too.

LIBRA- Aesthetic concerns are more important today -- so make sure that someone else is handling anything practical that has to get done! You're busy with rearranging furniture and whatnot

SCORPIO- You should take greater care to slow down and show others that you understand their concerns. Patience is key, and you have got it to spare -- so let others do things at their own pace.

SAGITTARIUS- Something raises your ire early today -- it's just not fair! It might not directly involve you, but you may still be able to do something about it. Your social energy is buzzing with hope for justice.

CAPRICORN- Try to set out on a new path today. Your initiative is essential for your success and happiness, so do anything you can to avoid inertia. Activity keeps you sane, so run in place if you have to.

AQUARIUS- You should do what you can to try a new cultural activity as soon as possible. Your capacity for boredom is vast, and you feel the need to try new things much more acutely than other people

PISCES- Your mate or business partner is nothing but trouble today -- though that doesn't mean it's time to split up! You just need to make sure that you're honest and patient with them as they work through this