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November 13th







ARIES- You are in the middle of a slow phase, so take it easy and try not to push yourself too hard. It's a good time to let your batteries recharge; find time for meditation and big questions.

TAURUS- Your emotional side is out in force right now -- and you may find that you're letting your passions out in an obvious fashion! That's perfectly okay, as the world is ready for some more intensity today.

GEMINI- Your emotional side is out of control today -- but that can be a good thing! You may let that hottie know how you really feel, or you may tell off that nagging older sibling. Either way, you could win big!

CANCER- You need to take a little extra care today when dealing with people you don't know well. Even if you're dealing with friends or family, consider getting a lawyer -- things can get really weird really fast!

LEO- Listen to your instincts today. Even if they seem to be guiding you in a really weird direction, you should follow them up, as intuitive forces are working behind the scenes in everyone's life.

VIRGO- You are feeling pretty restless today -- so make sure that you stay active! You might have to create new appointments or tasks just to keep from falling asleep, but the energy is totally worth it.

LIBRA- You have money issues that need some love -- so get on it! Your mental state is just right for balancing figures and rejiggering your budget. If you don't have a budget, write one up ASAP!

SCORPIO- Are you looking for romance -- or a new job? Whatever you want, as long as it involves people, you are well suited to getting. People are just drawn to you right now, so make the most of it!

SAGITTARIUS- You feel like things aren't going your way -- even if you're in the middle of a celebration of success. Your mood doesn't match reality, but that doesn't mean you can't fake it for a little while

CAPRICORN- You can tell that your standing is being affected by some recent news -- but you may not realize that you're actually moving up! Things get weird at a time like this, so just keep it rolling

AQUARIUS- You need to take things down a notch -- if you can just slow down, you may find it easier to move forward. You may be used to a faster pace, but that can't be sustainable in the long run, right?

PISCES- You are feeling like a doormat -- but not everyone sees you that way! In fact, your great energy helps you to say no just as often as you should. You may need to adjust your expectations.