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November 15th






ARIES- You are bursting at the seams with terrific energy -- so make the most of it! If you're not out there mixing it up with people and shaking up expectations, you just don't feel right.

TAURUS- Don't trust your first impressions today -- you may be taken in by smooth talk or fancy clothes. Ask probing questions and make sure your natural skepticism is front and center all day.

GEMINI- Your closest friends -- or maybe business partners -- are surprising you with their great energy today. Make sure you match them, which shouldn't be too hard. Your life together is sure to get better

CANCER- Treat yourself to something sweet -- you deserve it, of course! You may want to keep it private, or someone close may feel like upping the ante. Who knows where that arms race could lead?

LEO- You are almost curt today in the way you use your words and at least one person is sure to feel offended. Let them -- your personal energy is too great to worry about such things. Apologize tomorrow.

VIRGO- You need to up the ante somewhat today -- so take that risk! You may not feel totally comfortable, and it may not even pay off, but the energy boost you get from the gamble is worth the price.

LIBRA- You are even more expressive than usual today -- so make the most of this great energy and see if you can tell that one special hottie how you feel. You could also shower your friends with love!

SCORPIO- You need to believe in yourself today -- your instincts are strong, and they can be trusted. If you're having a hard time feeling confident, just look in the mirror and see what's going on behind your eyes.

SAGITTARIUS- Your terrific energy puts you in a great mood -- and one that's at least a little infectious! Even those around you who are down and depressed should cheer up a bit in your presence

CAPRICORN- Force yourself to focus today -- you need to discipline yourself if you want to get anything done. Things are getting kind of weird around your workplace or home, but that's manageable

AQUARIUS- Try to reach out to someone new -- socializing is prominent right now, and you can expand your social circles in a good way if you go for it. This could lead to a new job or a new love!

PISCES- There is just no speaking with some people today -- especially your boss, or others in a position of power over you. It's a good time to just smile and nod and wait for them to figure it out on their own.