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October 24th





ARIES- Put aside any selfish thoughts and give your all today — your energy is much better spent on others than it is on your own stuff. It’s one of those days when you can rack up all kinds of good karma!

TAURUS- Your colleagues and coworkers are all fussing over something that seems like not such a big deal to you — but good luck telling them that! Get to work with them and you can lead the way to a solution.

GEMINI- Your love life is in a perfect groove right now — even if you can’t quite see the results yet! It’s a good time to put up a new profile or to show your sweetie what it’s really all about.

CANCER- Your partner — in whatever context is most important to you right now — needs your attention, but it’s not going to be easy. Make sure you block out some time and emotional energy to deal with it.

LEO- Your money is burning a hole in your pocket — or maybe you just want that new gadget with a burning desire. In any case, now is a good time for you to trade up to a new phone or computer

VIRGO- You don’t always have to be decisive — on a day like today, you can just kick back and let others make all the calls. Your energy is better for going along with others anyway, and group action gets you farther

LIBRA- Your energy is more than enough to tackle today’s big issues and tasks — in fact, you should have plenty left over for a party or date tonight! Your social buzzing can’t be denied!

SCORPIO- Turn inward today and make sure that you’re paying attention to your inner voice. It’s a good time to brush off social obligations in favor of some serious, deep thinking. Good ideas and insights are coming!

SAGITTARIUS- You’re having fun — and so are your people! It’s a really good time for you to step up the party calendar and make sure that all your people are having as much silly fun as you are!

CAPRICORN- Your latest challenge is a big one — but you know you are more than up to it this time! Don’t be afraid to call on your allies and other resources, as it’s all part of the game. Things are looking up!

AQUARIUS- You should see what you can do to get out in the world and try new things — your social energy and intellectual curiosityare peaking, and you’ve got to soak up new things to make the most of it!

PISCES- You need to deal with your financial situation in a new way — preferably by bringing in more money! That could mean taking a new job or starting that business you’ve always dreamed about.