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November 16th







ARIES- It's a great time to explore -- your energy is powering up your curiosity, and the day is full of great surprises. Things are looking up for you and your people, and it's hard not to have fun tonight!

TAURUS- A financial issue is making life a little weirder today -- but you've got the right kind of mental energy to track down what's wrong and get things back on track. It's a good day for budgets!

GEMINI- This is not the time for passively waiting for things to happen. You may find that your energy is pushing you to do things that you had been putting off. Go for it! You can't lose this time.

CANCER-You are feeling more self-centered than usual. There's nothing wrong with that! Sometimes you need to handle your own issues first, and this is just one of those days. Turn off your phone!

LEO-  You feel terrific, but you are somewhat appalled by a friend who keeps complaining over the tiniest things. You may not be able to intervene just yet, but you can try hanging out with others for now.

VIRGO- You are sure to get nowhere if you keep your ideas or plans to yourself. Be daring and get a leg up on the competition. You may find that a friend or mentor is ready for your wildest schemes.

LIBRA- It's a good time for you to move out beyond your usual haunts and try for something bigger and better. See if you can get your people to join you for a funky night out -- it should be a blast!.

SCORPIO- Your impulsive nature is usually held in check, but today you can't resist some impulse buy. It may be almost anything from a chocolate bar to a time-share, but you are sure to feel a little weird about it later.

SAGITTARIUS- Something small puts a huge smile on your face today. Make sure that you share it with others who appreciate your sense of wonder -- there's no sense in hiding your feelings!

CAPRICORN- You can do almost anything today as long as you stick it out through the adversity. The universe rewards persistence more than anything else right now, so as long as you focus, you can succeed

AQUARIUS- Something blossoms in your life that makes you feel awesome -- so try to share it! You may find a new opportunity opening up by the end of the day. Jump on it quickly so you can make the most of it

PISCES- You are fired up and ready for battle -- though you may be the only one who even knows there's a war on! Rally your troops and get them marching to your beat, or you may have to retreat quickly