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October 25th





ARIES- If you listen carefully, you should be able to get at what other people are saying to you. And at least one person needs to hear what you’re really thinking, though it may start out somewhat hard to hear

TAURUS- Pay attention to your healthtoday — your energy is just right for making sure that you can breathe more easily and just feel better generally. You need to get back to basics in some way, too.

GEMINI- Your mental and social energies are in perfect sync right now, and you might even find that your spiritual path feels a little clearer as a result. It’s the best time to forge ahead and have fun!

CANCER- Differing ideas might lead to conflict — but it doesn’t have to be this way. See if you can find a way for everyone to agree to disagree for the time being so you can all keep working together.

LEO- Take action — you know you need to do something new. It’s one of those days when you can feel the difference between nervous tension and decisive action — so get busy and do something!

VIRGO- Try not to go it alone right now — you need to do things with others, or at least make sure that you’re handling everything with your partner (romantic or otherwise). This goes double for purchases!

LIBRA- You’re getting the right kind of attention from other people today — so make sure that you are in the right place for some serious business! You know that things are starting to get groovy when the flirting starts!

SCORPIO- Now is not the time to take direct action. Bend like a reed in the wind in order to come out ahead and surprise the opposition. You can put your schemes into action in the near future!

SAGITTARIUS- A good laugh follows a good time — and your laughter is quite infectious right now! See if you can get that one sad or quiet friend to see the lighter side of things. If you can’t, they may be a lost cause!

CAPRICORN- An authority figure makes it a difficult day for you — but don’t fight back yet! You’ve got to make sure that they see reason, and that could take all of your argumentative skills.

AQUARIUS- Engage yourself with personal business today — things are looking up, but you’ve got to make sure that you’re handling all the stuff that pops up. Things should be better off by tomorrow.

PISCES- Debt is a real issue for you right now — so throw all your resources at it! If you are somehow debt-free financially, make sure that you don’t owe anyone psychically. The interest rates are high!