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ARIES- You have got to move forward quickly -- otherwise, things are likely to fly away from your control. That doesn't mean that you need to dominate, just that the future is more enticing than the past.

TAURUS- You need to show people that you can take a joke -- but at least one person takes things way too far! It's hard for you to step up and smile when you're fuming on the inside, but try your best.

GEMINI- You can see things a little differently today, thanks to a fresh perspective that comes to you from an unexpected source. Pay attention to everyone, as you never know who might clue you in.

CANCER- Cash flow could be a problem today, so see if you can shake down a few extra sources -- or better yet, drop a few expenses from your budget. Even if it's just temporary, you can still save some trouble.

LEO- Things aren't quite going your way -- but just give them some time! You may find that it all starts to get better pretty quickly. If you start to get anxious, ask a friend or colleague for a distraction

VIRGO- You're in the middle of a new organization binge -- the kind that may send friends or colleagues scurrying away in fear. Dive deeply and look into new storage devices or anything else that can help

LIBRA- Your love life is nobody's business but your own -- yet you feel like screaming about it! The odds are that something good happens today to bring you closer to the object of your affections.

SCORPIO- New ideas are coming your way -- are you ready for them? You're not exactly set in your ways, but your innate skepticism may make you too resistant to the good ones. Make sure that you listen.

SAGITTARIUS- Communication is essential on a day like today, so make sure that your new ideas are flowing along with the rest of the gossip and information at work or around your friends. Good things can happen!

CAPRICORN- While everyone around you seems to be falling for the latest hot idea or scheme, you need to hold off -- at least for the time being. There's a good reason you don't like being an early adopter!

AQUARIUS- Your mental energy is running high today -- so work on tough problems or dream up new stuff to do in the near future. Things are looking up, but you can still improve them by a bit more

PISCES- Change is on the way -- get ready for it! Better still, embrace it, as that's the only way to ensure that it gives you what you need to deal with the future. Things are almost perfect, so hang on!.