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October 26th





ARIES- You can’t go it alone today — but the success may still be all yours! It’s a really good time for you to step up and lead the charge, using others to help win. If they win too, so much the better!

TAURUS- Try not to schedule too much today — unless you enjoy the frantic pace! Your energy is just right for enjoying yourself, so do what it takes to make life sweeter and easier for yourself

GEMINI- When your mate starts bossing you around, your first impulse is to boss back — but try to let it go for now. Everyone needs to feel in control now and then, and if it doesn’t turn into a pattern, what’s the harm?

CANCER- It’s a day of extremes for you, which could be great, terrible or a little of each. Just try to find a stable place where you can hole up if you need shelter — things should stay crazy for another day or so!

LEO- You know exactly what you want out of the day, so go for it! That may involve making a big life change or just enjoying what you’ve got more fully, but you’ve got to acknowledge your desires.

VIRGO- Your playful energy is perfect for parties or games — anything that isn’t meant to be taken too seriously. You can have a good time even if you’re buried in paperwork, so make sure that you’re enjoying yourself!

LIBRA- You’ve hit the wall in one way or another, and that could mean that you need to take a long break. If so, don’t panic — things should get a lot better for you in the near future. Just chill out!

SCORPIO- How much do you want? Your ambition drives almost everything today, and you should find that your willingness to step up and take charge is all it takes to catapult you into the lead

SAGITTARIUS- Your creative side needs some attention, though that could be as simple as soaking up inspiration at a concert or gallery. If you need to make art, make the time to really go for it!

CAPRICORN- Good news comes your way! It might be a positive reply to a query, a surprise announcement from a friend, or an ascension to a new level at work or in your personal life. Embrace it!

AQUARIUS- You seem to be spread out in every direction at once — what a drag! It’s a good time for you to stop everything and try to find focus, though that might take an unfortunately long time.

PISCES- You may find new ways to help your people with whatever they need from you today — without being asked! That spooky intuition of yours is kicking in, but in a rather small way.