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November 20th







ARIES-Your planning is going well, and you need to make sure that you're sticking to whatever you had agreed to. Of course, a few revisions may be called for, but you need buy-in from everyone first.

TAURUS- Someone who's trying to get something out of you says exactly the wrong thing and you bristle. It might not be a deal-breaker, though -- try to make sure that you're open-minded about them in the future

GEMINI- Your brainy energy is terrific for today's big, sometimes fun problems. You can bust out nifty solutions and make friends out of enemies just by spitting out new ideas at a ferocious pace.

CANCER- You and your people are not exactly seeing eye to eye right now -- but that shouldn't stop you for long! Just make sure that you all share the same values, and the rest should sort itself out.

LEO- Your sense of pride is caught up in something that may have little to do with you -- but it comes back to bite you today! Try not to worry too much about it, as things are sure to get better soon

VIRGO- Try something a little different today. It could be anything from a different route to work or school to a total rehaul of your schedule from top to bottom, but you need the change.

LIBRA- That big brain of yours is keyed up and ready for fun -- so get out there and show the world how you do it! You are sure to connect with someone over a shared interest, so keep up the chatter.

SCORPIO- Domestic troubles make life a little harder for you and your people but the good news is that they are coming to a head soon. It might be uncomfortable, but the tension is sure to resolve quickly

SAGITTARIUS- You may be unsure about something new today -- but keep listening. Even if it doesn't pan out, you can still glean some interesting facts or ideas out of the presentation. It's not stealing!

CAPRICORN- You have got to make big plans today -- the future isn't going to take care of itself! Things are looking weirder, but as long as you see them clearly, you can overcome the weirdest of it all.

AQUARIUS- You crave change -- even small stuff, like lunch options at work. Now is the time to put your power behind efforts to change the world for the better. With your energy, it's a sure thing!

PISCES- You're in a good position to help the world -- or at least to help the community. Give it your all, and make sure you've got the right people working by your side. It really does take a village!