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October 27th





ARIES- Your aggressive tendencies are out in the open today, and you need to do something about that. Make sure you don’t unleash your fury on someone undeserving — things are still freaky between you.

TAURUS- You don’t own your lover or your kids, but on a day like today, you wish you did! It’s one of those times when you just can’t get enough of your people, and that can lead to some strange tensions.

GEMINI- You need to kick back a little and see what’s really going on. Your observational prowess is making life much simpler, so don’t worry too much about whether or not things are going your way yet.

CANCER- Try not to get yourself too wrapped up in your own emotions today — you need to make the most of what you’ve got. It’s a good time for big changes, because you’re grounded enough to handle almost anything.

LEO- It’s a great day to go shopping, especially at secondhand stores or online — your eye for good bargains is impeccable right now! See if you can get your people to deal with things your way.

VIRGO- There’s much more going on than anyone can see right now, so make sure that you’re looking and thinking and looking some more. You should pick up on hidden signals and more than meets the eye.

LIBRA- Your selfish side is out in force today, and you might find that your energy is best spent on intensely personal projects. There’s no shame in it, so make sure you’re taking care of business

SCORPIO- You are more respected than ever right now — so make the most of it! Someone close needs you to show them that you’re paying attention while you’re at it. Things get better soon!

SAGITTARIUS- You still need some down time — and might want to be alone as well. It’s a good day for you to check in with your people to make sure they don’t need you, then to vanish for as long as you can.

CAPRICORN- Try to get your friends to dig in and help you out today — they can make a real difference, as long as you are willing to cede some authority to them. It’s a good time to join hands.

AQUARIUS- Try not to worry too much about other people right now — you need privacy more than anything else, and there’s only one way you can reliably get that. See if your friends and family will back off.

PISCES- You are in a really good place to start new arrangements — especially if they are legally binding. Leases, newjobs, even a marriage should go well if it starts out today. Don’t be afraid!