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November 26th







ARIES-You are much easier to get along with today, so make sure that your people are all within your sphere of influence. You can actually sway them pretty easily with a small-scale charm offensive.

Taurus- You're feeling too good to take offense when someone busts out with a nasty joke or a rude gesture. If anything, it's all rather amusing -- they think they're being provocative, but they're just evoking pity.

Gemini- Your wisdom is deeper than ever right now -- so much so that you might find that you can offer up great advice without seeming like you're prying into anyone's personal life. Go for it!

Cancer- You are the one in charge today -- so act like it! Even if you don't have power on paper, those around you can sense your inner strength, and should defer to it if you choose to wield it.

Leo- Your belief in yourself is legendary -- but on a day like today, it may be seen as something else! Try not to come across as arrogant, or you may lose the allegiances you worked so hard to build.

Virgo- You need to get in a little deeper today -- things are less satisfying on the surface. That could mean that you're asking big questions or doing more intense research into the important issues in your life.

Libra- Someone in your life needs objective advice -- or even direction -- and only you can give it to them. Suggest that they solicit advice, then offer your own first. They pay more attention than you would have expected.

Scorpio- Things have gotten even more polarized today -- you may have to choose sides or just get it over with and declare war. Neither side is guaranteed victory, so make sure you give it your all!

Sagittarius- You can easily deal with today's big news -- as long as you believe in yourself! Try not to worry or doubt, because those are sure to build on themselves and cause serious problems in the long run.

Capricorn- You need to go shopping today -- online, if that's easier -- and watch for discounts. You can save quite a bit of money if you do your homework, and your great energy should help you in a big way.

Aquarius- You are poised to learn more than usual today -- so pay attention! You may not get much practical done, but you should still find a way to placate your boss or teacher while you soak up knowledge

Pisces- Your sense of art and poetry is strong today, and you should find that your people are willing to listen as you ramble on and make connections they would never have dreamed of.