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October 27th






ARIES- You’re meeting new people today — your social energy is drawing them closer. It’s one of those days when you can tell that you’re the right person to show that new cutie around town!

TAURUS- Your subconscious mind is incredibly active today — and tonight — so take note of anything that seems out of the ordinary. It could be a signal that you need to take a new path!

GEMINI- You and your people are seeing things in the same way — for once. It’s a good time for you to all work together on some common project or ensure that your long-term goals are in alignment

CANCER- Colleagues are much more important than usual today, so make sure that you’re listening and really making an effort to help them out. Even if you feel behind, you’re sure to do right by yourself.

LEO- You need to make a change — so it’s a good thing you’ve got the right kind of positive energy to do just that! See if you can get your people to accept that what’s coming is inevitable

VIRGO- Force yourself to do something new and big — or just to do what’s right. Your conscience is powerful enough that you know you’ll eventually get there, but it may be easier to take care of it right now.

LIBRA- Your brainy side is making a real difference today — so make sure that you’re not hiding your light! Explore intellectual topics and seek out those who know more than you do

SCORPIO- It’s not the best time for you to take a risk — even a tiny one — unless you like playing long odds. Things might work out for you, but good luck just isn’t on your side right now. Play later

SAGITTARIUS- You should do whatever you can to get out of the house — or your comfort zone — today. Your amazing energy helps you deal with any obstacles, so exploration should come more easily to you.

CAPRICORN- Your innate idealism is making life a lot more interesting, so make sure that you can find time to push your plans forward. At least one person who’s watching is sure to really like what they see!

AQUARIUS- You need to deal with someone new — but try not to worry too much or make a big production out of it! You need to make sure that all of your people feel like they are on the same team

PISCES- Watch out for dissension at work — people are more likely than usual to drag their heels and try to get their way no matter what. If you can skip out or rise above it all, so much the better