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October 31st






ARIES- Have faith in yourself — it’s all you need in order to get things done today. Your energy is just right for making big leaps and getting others to do the same. You can do this, no matter how it seems.

TAURUS- Now is the time to start talking up your pet project — whatever it may be! People are definitely ready to hear your words of wisdom, and you may find that you can get the wind at your back

GEMINI- You need to try new things today in order to make a difference. You aren’t able to figure out how it will all work out until you try it yourself, and a few failures just make you stronger in the end.

CANCER- Your sense of balance is slightly disturbed today, which could mean that you need to deal with someone who’s off-putting, or that you need to ease up on a new favorite activity for a little while

LEO- Forget your own needs today — you’ve got to deal with someone who’s going through something really big. It may be a friend or a work acquaintance, but your help means the world to them.

VIRGO- Your love life could use a boost, and this is the perfect night to make it happen! Say something sly or make a move — your energy is just right for moving closer to someone you like.

LIBRA- Your ability to manage authority figures is waning today, so see if you can deal with those who are able to listen to reason and put off the rest for another day or two while your energy recharges.

SCORPIO- Someone is in a really good mood today — so much so that they might help you get your way on a project or plan that you had nearly abandoned as hopeless. Show your gratitude soon!

SAGITTARIUS- Your financial savvy isn’t exactly off the charts right now but you do know enough to try to save. Set aside some for later in life, or even just for a rainy day. You definitely won’t regret it!

CAPRICORN- Your energy levels never seem to lag today, and you should find that you are able to get as much done in 24 hours as a normal person could do in a week. Make sure you rest up tomorrow!

AQUARIUS- Your energy is a bit dissipated today — but you can feel it ready to flood back with a vengeance! Make sure that you are finding new ways to amuse yourself, as morale is paramount now

PISCES- An unexpected assist from someone you hardly know comes as a pleasant surprise — and it could be one with long-lasting consequences! You may have just unlocked a new ally in your struggle.