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November 28th







ARIES- It's a good time to take stock -- of your feelings, but also of your stuff. You don't want to be on a special holiday edition of 'Hoarders,' so donate as much of that old stuff as you can let go.

TAURUS- Entertain yourself today -- it's easy! You may find that your energy lends itself to silly little games at work or at home, or to just blowing off responsibilities entirely! Have fun at any cost.

GEMINI- Your working life is in need of some love, so make sure that you're dealing with the right people and tackling the right issues. It may not be the most glamorous day of the year, but it helps.

CANCER- A family member calls out for help -- though you're lucky if they're explicit and asking for it directly. More likely, you have to read between the lines and give them what they need quietly

LEO- You may get mistaken for a celebrity -- or just treated like one! Your energy is a bit off-center, which means others are going out of their way to cater to you and help you get back on track.

VIRGO- Your deep thoughts are stretching further than ever today -- so take the time to explore them to the fullest. Make sure that you're sharing your findings with your friends and coworkers.

LIBRA- Listen to your emotional side -- it's full of good ideas and advice, if only you could hear it. You may need to find a quiet space to meditate or do whatever else you do to get in touch with yourself.

SCORPIO- You feel ambushed in a meeting or in a casual chat with your mate today -- but it's just that you weren't expecting to have to defend your ideas. That's not such a bad thing, really, so go right ahead.

SAGITTARIUS- A colleague -- or former coworker -- helps you out in a big way today, though it may not be exactly what you were hoping for. If you can stay flexible, then things should start to improve soon.

CAPRICORN- Your great energy is manifesting itself in financial ways today -- so jump on that screaming deal or say yes to that new money-making opportunity! You should feel a lot better about money soon

AQUARIUS- You've got to tackle some changes that popped up lately that you don't much like. It's rare for you not to embrace change, but this time your skepticism shot off the charts. Say no!

PISCES- Your connection to the world of romance is a little stronger today, so make sure that you're telling your sweetie how you feel or approaching that hottie to ask them out. You can't lose!