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Horoscopes for November 29th









ARIES- Your social energy is fun and flirty -- and you may surprise someone who thought they had you pegged! Now is a great time to hang out with your crush or a new romantic partner.

TAURUS- You find yourself slipping into some odd behavior today -- but it's not so bad that you have to keep restraints on. You're just a little less cautious than usual, and it could lead somewhere fun!.

GEMINI- Your social energy is abuzz with all the new people coming into your life -- even if many of them are online! You don't really care, as long as you get to keep chattering and showing off.

CANCER- Your to-do list seems to have doubled in length overnight -- what can you do? Try to get some help from friends or family, or see if you can delegate anything to an intern (or teenager) in your life.

LEO- You need help -- but there's no shame in that! Just make sure that you ask the right people, or that you are surrounded by teammates you know you can count on. Things are looking up!

VIRGO- Everyone seems to be speaking at once today -- so make sure that you are as clear as can be. If someone only gets to hear part of what you have to say, aren't they likely to get exactly the wrong idea?

LIBRA-Try to speak up today -- you've got some deep issues that need resolution, and they aren't going anywhere without some serious communication. It may be a family thing or it could be work-related, but it's vital.

SCORPIO-  You see something that seems too good to be true -- so do what you can to avoid buying it or taking the risk. It's likely either a scam or something with hidden costs, and you have to play it safe now.

SAGITTARIUS- You may have a full schedule today -- and if not, watch out for interruptions and sudden invitations! At least some of them are sure to be fun, but you may have to say no now and then.

CAPRICORN- Too much chatter is sure to keep anything useful from getting done today -- so make sure you turn off your ringer when appropriate and find other ways to keep your mind focused

AQUARIUS- You meet someone today who shares many of your interests -- and possibly more! If you're looking for love, this could be a good match, so ask all the right questions and remember to be yourself

PISCES- Things are moving a little too quickly for you right now, so make sure that you're anchored and getting all the help you need. Things are sure to settle down in the very near future