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Horoscopes for November 2nd





ARIES- Your dreams are quite telling tonight, so do your best to remember them. Keep paper or a voice recorder by your bed so you can take notes, and see what it all means as you drink your coffee.

TAURUS- You and your people are seemingly of one mind today, which should make planning relatively easy. If you need to make a big group decision, now is definitely the time to go for it!

GEMINI- You’re not especially productive today — but then again, most people are equally untethered to reality! It’s a great day to indulge your creative side, so make sure that you’re keeping the ideas flowing

CANCER- You’re feeling more connected to your people than usual, which is saying quite a lot! Let at least one of them know you’re there with them, no matter what they may be going through.

LEO- People are getting rather emotional today, but if you can keep a lid on your temper, things should go well for you. Things are likely to get much better soon, so make sure that you’ve got some patience.

VIRGO- Other people can’t handle the stress of the day’s activities, so try not to pile on them with unnecessary criticism. You should be able to get your point across gently — or better yet, another day.

LIBRA- You’ve got far too much going on today to take a break — though it might all leave you feeling exhausted by tonight! Just take it all as it comes and know that tomorrow should be a little easier

SCORPIO- You need to have more fun than usual today — it’s in your blood! Whether you’re making a game out of household chores or taking the day off to go hiking, you need to make your life more playful.

SAGITTARIUS- Try to get things together early today, as you need to make sure that your slow pace is getting you where you need to go. Things should speed up in a big way tomorrow, so get ready for it!

CAPRICORN- Your creative side is unleashed today, and you may want to use this energy to help you communicate with someone important. You can touch them in a new way and forge a stronger connection.

AQUARIUS- Anything you share with a friend or partner today should make both your lives much more interesting — stories, assets and even debts can make life better for both of you if you play it right

PISCES- Your energy is bursting outward in all directions today — so make the most of it! Reach out to folks you haven’t seen in ages, offer to help a neighbor with their new project or just say hi to random strangers.