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November 30th








ARIES- Life gets a little easier for you today, as you find that people are more friendly and obstacles seem to just melt away. Take advantage of this opportunity and move forward quickly!

TAURUS- You can't make up your mind about something that's pretty important -- but it can wait, believe it or not! Just make sure that your people get why you're putting this off, and that you are sure to come back to it.

GEMINI- Today is perfect for getting big ideas off the ground -- or at least out on the table! You should speak up even if other people seem to be set in their ways, as you can have real influence if you open up.

CANCER- You can't make out what's expected of you today -- communication is harder than ever! Try to just do right by your people and hope for the best. It should all be much clearer by tomorrow.

LEO- Someone needs a heart-to-heart, so find the time and space to give it to them. You both likely have things to get off your chests, but make sure that you let the other one go first if they want

VIRGO- Your left brain is quite active today -- so much so that you may leap to correct conclusions long before anyone else catches up to you. It's hard being so smart -- just ask Sherlock Holmes!

LIBRA- Some recent change or new bit of information is taking hold of your mind today -- and it doesn't let go! That just means you need to talk it out, so make sure that you're with the right people.

SCORPIO- Your business-related problems need attention today -- though they aren't likely getting any worse. You just have to make sure that you're as diligent as you can be so they don't start to pile up.

SAGITTARIUS- Even if nothing at all is happening today (unlikely, but possible), you just don't find yourself bored. Your active mind dreams up all sorts of things to keep it occupied, and the day just races by!

CAPRICORN- Things need to move quickly today, so cut to the chase as early as you can. If that means you come across as rude, you can always apologize later -- you know what's best this time around!

AQUARIUS- Your creative side is fully engaged today, so you should find it much easier to indulge your friends and colleagues with their requests -- as long as you get to handle them your way!

PISCES- It's a good time to stay put and avoid major changes. Small stuff is fine, and probably inevitable, but you still need to say no to anything major. Try again in a day or two -- or a week!.