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Horoscopes for November 3rd





ARIES- Your desires are stronger than ever right now, and you should find that you can get closer to achieving them without breaking a sweat. Others may look on with envy, but that’s par for the course

TAURUS- You are doing your best to stand up for tradition — but even you know when you’re beat. Something new and untested is coming your way, and you’re not so sure you’ll like it. Things will be better soon, though

GEMINI- Your idealistic nature needs a workout, so get out there and make a difference! Your great mental energy guarantees that you are able to show at least one person how things ought to be.

CANCER- Different people have different ideas about what ought to come next, and you’re not sure you agree with them. The good news is that you only need to smile and hear them out — nothing is settled until at least tomorrow.

LEO- It’s a good day to lash out at those who are trying to bring you down — though outsiders are sure to see this as a simple clash of egos. Your energy is just right for a big dust-up!

VIRGO- Try to take care of business a little differently today — things are looking up for you, and that could mean that it’s time for a change. You need to take advantage of this period of uncertainty

LIBRA- Your love life is peaking now, whether you know it or not. It could be that a secret admirer is just about to make themselves known to you, or that your current sweetie lays out all their cards

SCORPIO- You can usually count on a measure of tranquility around the house, but right now, things are tough. You might need to sneak away for some quiet time before heading back into the fray

SAGITTARIUS- Talk to that stranger, no matter how intimidated you may feel. The odds are they feel the same way, and things could start to really get going once you break the ice. Use that great energy!

CAPRICORN- Finances are still on your mind, so now is the best time for you to step up and take care of the future. You may need to invest, consider your retirement or just work to stop some excess spending

AQUARIUS- Change is coming — and you are leading the way! Speak up early, so others can see what you want and how you think it can be gotten. Life is getting better and better, so make the most of it now

PISCES- Your dreaming life is even more important than usual today, so make sure that you’re paying close attention and recording the details you can remember. They should be important clues today in your locker.