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December 3rd








ARIES- You can be incredibly productive today -- just as long as you are willing to commit. The good news is that your people should have your back even if you decide to do something that feels a bit rash.

TAURUS- Communication is at the top of the world's agenda today, so make sure that you are doing your part. It may be as small as just passing along a friendly word of advice or as big as delivering vital news.

GEMINI- You're having a hard time reading someone -- and the problem is that it's you! If you don't know what you want, you surely can't expect anyone else to know, so do everyone a favor and get in touch with your feelings.

CANCER- Your personal issues are out in the forefront today -- but only because they seem too easy to take care of! Your great energy helps you dismiss the stuff that doesn't matter and tackle the stuff that does.

LEO- You are keeping a tight lid on your emotions -- and for now, that's the right thing to do! It's not a long-term solution, of course, so once this crisis is past, you need to find an outlet for all the stress

VIRGO- You need to get yourself better organized -- and yes, that is possible! You may find that your energy is well spent on domestic or office renewal projects, so make sure you have time to do them right.

LIBRA- Try to slow down and just appreciate the things you've got instead of worrying about what isn't working for you. This isn't your prime, but you can tell that the situation is improving.

SCORPIO- You've got to let go of some weight that is holding you back. It may be actual stuff in your basement that keeps you from moving, or emotional baggage that wants to keep you in the past.

SAGITTARIUS- You're not quite up to the task at hand today -- but not because you're inadequate! No, sometimes you just need to walk away and come back when your energy is better suited to the job.

CAPRICORN- There's quite a bit of hysteria making the rounds today, though you are mostly immune to its effects. Try to let this weirdness pass without comment, as your efforts only inflame passions.

AQUARIUS- You've got to get your blood pumping in one way or another -- so hit the gym, walk an extra mile or find some new way to exercise. Your body craves activity, and it's not good to ignore it!

PISCES- Your emotions are all over the place now, but you can still find ways to focus them and even get ahead thanks to their positive aspects. See if you can show that one person how much you care!