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December 4th







ARIES- You need a little extra excitement in your life -- and here it comes! You may find that you get an amazing message in your inbox, or you may be asked out on a date. It could be anything, so get ready.

TAURUS- You and a friend are wrestling over some issue that only matters to you -- and may make you both look kind of ridiculous to outsiders! That doesn't mean you have to let go, but perspective can help.

GEMINI- You have got to get going today -- thinking and talking have done all they can for you! Action speaks much louder than words right now so you may be able to get the right people to listen.

CANCER- Make sure that you are getting the best deal possible if you have to shop today. It may take more poking and prodding to dig up the right prices and the best offers, but it's worth it to you.

LEO- You need to tap into that terrific energy to show the boss -- or your mate -- what's what today. The good news is that you can do it with a smile so they never even realize that they've been schooled.

VIRGO- You've got to try a little extra flexibility today -- otherwise, things are sure to get really weird by tomorrow. If you can avoid any dogmatic behavior throughout the day, expect a big win!

LIBRA- Pretend that you don't notice those little details that are out of place. They don't matter this time, and you've got bigger concerns that really need to be dealt with more quickly.

SCORPIO- Be extra careful today -- you never know who might be watching! As long as you're paying attention, you should be able to make a good impression and ensure that things go well through the month.

SAGITTARIUS-You need to share your great energy with those around you -- but it's easy! You may find that one person is in such a sour mood that they actively reject your good cheer, but you can ignore them for now.

CAPRICORN-  You get a perk or bonus that feels fair -- until you realize that someone even more deserving was left out! Try to make things right, but if you can't, just try to soothe anyone who takes offense.

AQUARIUS- Try something new and different today -- you know it needs to happen! Things may get a little weird, but that's just how it is when you go about learning things in the great lab of life.

PISCES- You've got a work problem -- even if you're not employed! It may be an old colleague who's being obnoxious, or a current client who is starting to make insane demands. Try to calm them down.