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Horoscopes for November 7th






ARIES-It’s not a good time to sit and wait, even if you don’t really know what you’re doing exactly. Try to snap into action as soon as you’re awake and you should find life much simpler going forward

TAURUS- This is not the time to rush into anything — that’s not your style, anyway. Make sure that you find new ways to bide your time or make do with what you’ve got; things could get pretty weird if you don’t!

GEMINI- You need to listen carefully to what people have to say today — otherwise, you might miss out on some great advice! It’s one of those days when you have to get back to basics in some way, too.

CANCER- Your thinking is clear and sharp today, as you find new ways to express yourself and toss off amazing solutions to old problems without even having to think all that hard. Good work

LEO- You dig up some new info on a friend or colleague that makes you think — in a good way! You might have more in common than you had realized, or maybe things are turning romantic between you.

VIRGO- You can feel the sting of responsibility as you politely decline something that seems like fun — but you know that you won’t have time for shenanigans for a little while longer. Just push through this.

LIBRA- Your relationships need some elbow grease — but that’s the kind of work you don’t mind at all! It’s a good time for you to share your feelings with those closest to you and see what they say in return

SCORPIO- Take care of every detail today. If you don’t have a plan for making it through this project, come up with one first so that you’re sure not to miss out on anything. It all gets better really soon.

SAGITTARIUS- Your energy is quite focused and directed on some clear goal today — and you’re sure to achieve it if you keep pushing! Your spirit is indomitable and you may find you’ve got surprise allies.

CAPRICORN- You need to choose between supporting your family and supporting your career, but the good news is that it’s a short-lived either-or choice. You can get it all back in balance by this time next week

AQUARIUS- Your big ideas are making the rounds — or they will once you speak up. Your mental energy is just right for getting people to see how things ought to be. Don’t be shy about your brainstorms.

PISCES- You’re somewhat more absorbed than usual in a big new drama unfolding before you, so see if you can make sense of it somehow. It’s a good time for you to put off other, lesser concerns.