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December 5th









ARIES- You should push yourself a little harder and see if you can get more exercise than usual today -- your body craves action! It may be as simple as taking the stairs or as complex as joining a new gym.

TAURUS- Try not to be too overbearing with people who make simple mistakes -- you can tell them what's what without declaiming it from on high! People are more inclined to listen if you come down to their level.

GEMINI-Your brain is famous, and your great energy today helps you to make the most of it. Just apply yourself to one big problem and see where your ideas lead. Others are sure to join in.

CANCER-  Think ahead and see if you can get yourself into a new situation that feels a little better. Things may start looking up sooner than you'd expect, so it's a good idea to start off in a few new directions at once.

LEO- Let go of that humility and just revel in your success! You've found a new way to make things happen, and you should be proud of what you have achieved. Others are certainly proud of you!

VIRGO-You need to roll up your sleeves and get to work -- on some new project helping others. You are at your best saving the day, and you should have several opportunities coming up soon.

LIBRA- If your energy starts to drag -- and it might -- make sure that your friends are handy. At least one of them is certain to have the answer for nearly any question you may have, and it costs you nothing!

SCORPIO- You're rolling through your day like nothing could go wrong -- until it does. In fact, nearly everything may go wrong at the same time, but you can rise to the challenge if you're prepared

SAGITTARIUS- You've got good energy flowing through you -- but it needs an outlet. That means you need to communicate with your people and find some way to complete the circuit. It's not so hard!

CAPRICORN- Things could get really dicey at work today -- most likely thanks to a competitor. Still, be on guard when dealing with anyone on the job, as you never know where today's energy could manifest

AQUARIUS- You're feeling somewhat larger than life right now, so make sure that you're taking great strides and showing the world just what you're made of. Things are looking up for you and yours!

PISCES- It's way too easy to get swept up in other people's dramas today, but if you stand firm and remember who you are, things should go well for you. They should get back in touch with you later!