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Horoscopes for November 8th





ARIES- Your inner explorer is finding the call of the wild and exotic irresistible, so get out there and make a few discoveries. You might meet some new friends along the way, so stay open socially.

TAURUS- Take all the time you need with decisions today, especially those that revolve around money. Purchases should be deferred unless you are sure that you’re getting the deal of the century

GEMINI- Someone you don’t know as well as you should plays an important role in your morning or early afternoon activities. Make an effort to learn more about them, as they are not going away.

CANCER- Your memory is more easily accessible today, so it’s a good time to dredge up the hiding place of that one box in the attic or just enjoy another viewing of that one perfect day from long ago.

LEO- You are definitely a lifelong learner, and days like today put your intellectual style in contrast with those around you. Most likely, you’re having a blast as you expand your mind.

VIRGO- Your spirits are high as you roll through the day, even though there are still problems and obstacles — but you see them as challenges to overcome. It’s a good way to make the most of what you’ve got.

LIBRA- You, more than most people, know the art of compromise. It’s a good time for you to exercise it, as at least one (and maybe more) of your people needs a lesson in how to pull back from the brink.

SCORPIO- Try not to worry too much about the stuff on your back burner — you need to reach out and help someone in need. It could be a friend or family member, but more likely than not it’s someone more distant

SAGITTARIUS- Your ability to get stuff done is legendary now, so make sure that you’re making the most of what you’ve got. Things can get a lot better if you are willing to take that extra step and have fun with it.

CAPRICORN- You need to deal with your relatives today — though it might be folks who have long since passed. Remember them, consider their legacy and what you can do to make them proud. It’s not so hard!

AQUARIUS- Your kind-hearted side is out in the open right now, and that means you need to make life sweeter for someone. It could be a total stranger who never sees it coming, or a friend who knows what to expect

PISCES- Someone is being maddeningly unclear with you — but you can handle ambiguity better than most people. They might be counting on that, actually, so make sure that you’re there for them.