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December 6th








ARIES- You should take better care of yourself -- though that's hardly unique! You do have uniquely focused energy today, though, so you should be able to follow through on even the loftiest of health goals!

TAURUS- You're seeking out the company of others, even if you don't see it that way. Somehow, your energy just craves attention, or at least companionship. It's a great day to meet new people!

GEMINI- Try to figure out what's really going on today -- it's not as hard as you might think! In fact, your ability to understand little details and how they add up is sure to make your day go a lot better.

CANCER- Your social energy is drawing others in -- so make sure that you're ready for a busy day! Even if it's mostly online, you should still find that things are more interesting when you're with others.

LEO- What's next? You are in the best possible position to make important decisions about how to face the next year or two (and beyond). If things aren't working, make sure that you're willing to change them.

VIRGO- Your energy is too good to keep on a leash, so get started on something new and bold today. It could be a new job, a new romantic campaign or just a new commitment to hitting the gym regularly.

LIBRA- You need to listen to that little voice within you -- even if what it says sounds insane! Well, if it's telling you to burn things or otherwise wreak havoc, you may need help, but other than that, anything goes!

SCORPIO- You've got secrets within secrets, so make sure that your energy is up for keeping them today. You may find that your people are trying to get you to spill, but you can stand firm if you want.

SAGITTARIUS- You just can't handle rules today -- unless you're making them, that is! If you're the boss, all should go well, but if not, you may need to take some time off or find a quiet space of your own.

CAPRICORN- You should find that things go more or less your way today, even if you feel a bit uneasy. Your gift for planning is paying off in a big way, and things should settle down for you very soon.

AQUARIUS- Sometimes you can't trust your eyes and ears -- so ask big questions and maintain your skepticism for longer than usual to see if you can figure out what is really going on. It's not as hard as it seems!

PISCES- Don't stress out about today's big weirdness -- you are sure to figure it all out later! It's a good time for you to try to make your move, but you don't have to think about it too hard.