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Horoscopes for November 9th





ARIES- You can deal with today’s series of problems — all you really have to do is outlast them! Make sure that you’re keeping your spirits up, and try to do the same for those around you who need the service.

TAURUS- You need to do something about your clutter — and your energy is just right for managing it! In fact, you may want to go out and buy some more clutter or find a way to reorganize it all.

GEMINI- Pay closer attention to people today — they’re telling you everything you need to know, if you’d just pick up on their clues. Dig more deeply if you need to, as things are getting interesting

CANCER- People are paying closer attention to your ideas today — so keep talking! You may find that at least one person in a position of power is so receptive that you’re suddenly put to work!

LEO- You’re just a wee bit full of yourself today, though there’s nothing really wrong with that. Make sure that you keep some perspective about the situation, or you may find yourself all alone!

VIRGO- You should look deeply within yourself and see what’s going on — things aren’t exactly as they appear at first glance. If you can wrest yourself out of your normal way of thinking, things could be really sweet

LIBRA- You’re feeling really synced up with your people today, like you’re all singing in perfect harmony. It’s a good time to do things together, but there’s no special need to be productive. Have fun

SCORPIO- Try not to worry too much about the friction between you and a friend today — it’s not as big a deal as it appears, and it’s actually an important step in your journey together. Let it happen organically

SAGITTARIUS- Try your best to oblige your most important people today — you know they deserve it, and you know what they need. Things are getting better, but you’ve got to be the one to bring them all the way to the top!

CAPRICORN- Safety first! That is not to say that you or your people are in any immediate danger, simply that you are at your best now when thinking through contingencies and planning for the worst

AQUARIUS- Consider your parents, or other older relatives you relate to well. They need some attention now, even if they’re pretty far removed. At the very least, send them your thoughts!

PISCES- Try to get back into a creative groove today — you need to work with the gentle energy that is coming through you to make something that’s worthy of you, your people and your home.