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December 7th







ARIES- Let go of your own goals and plans today -- but just for now. You need to step up and help someone in need, possibly a kid or someone else who hasn't been around as long as you have.

TAURUS- Your great personal energy makes art and culture more appealing -- but there's nothing like music to make your soul sing! Live music is best, but even the tunes at the dentist can take you away!

GEMINI- Has an old friend or colleague been languishing in your inbox for too long? Now is a great time to release them and write back -- even if it feels weird. Old connections are more valuable than ever now!

CANCER- A nagging question is answered early today -- and you need to spread the word! Your ideas are sure to make people question their own presuppositions, and that could be good for all of you.

LEO- How's your cash flow? You need to make sure that you're on top of it, even if it feels weird or you're behind where you want to be. A budget can't solve problems, but it can get you back on track.

VIRGO- Show off a little -- lord knows you deserve it! You pulled off something big that just came to light today (maybe even to you), and there's no reason not to celebrate. Go for it!

LIBRA- If you have to look at one more spreadsheet, you may very well explode! Today is all about details, but unfortunately, you just don't have the patience for them. Take a deep breath and keep moving.

SCORPIO- Your social circles are also your life support systems today -- and they are more than up to the task! Your own energy is good, but it really comes alive when you spend time with your people!

SAGITTARIUS- Today is all about slow, steady improvements -- there's no way to just drop 20 pounds overnight or jump ahead of the competition without hard work! Resign yourself to a day of plodding success

CAPRICORN- Try to check into the deeper, weirder aspects of today's mystery -- with a little research, you can figure out exactly what's going on and what you need to do to make it right

AQUARIUS- You feel better about some old situation that has long since stopped bothering anyone else. It's a good time to leave behind old baggage and look to the future in a new way. Have fun!

PISCES- You need to take on a new project, but that doesn't mean that you need to commit yourself to it completely. Ask big questions, take a long break, and make sure that your people know what they need to do