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ARIES- Finances are much on your mind today, which could be good or bad for you. See if you can make the best of your situation, as your mental state is perfect for handling money and writing up budgets.

TAURUS- Try not to focus too much on the spiritual today — there is a time and a place for everything. If it feels right to go shopping or clean house, now is a good time to handle physical possessions.

GEMINI- Do you really, deeply understand what’s going on? It may be a hard nut to crack, but you should be able to get it by the end of the day. It could take all of your mental energy, though!

CANCER- Socializing is perfect right now, as your energy is more grounded and you feel more secure and confident. Step up and introduce yourself to someone new and see where things go.

LEO- Your self-conception might not match up with reality all that well today, so see if you can get your people to give you serious feedback while you handle the stress that comes along with it.

VIRGO- Your energy is still running strong, and you may find yourself getting along really well with someone you’d never expect to. It could be a romantic thing or something more platonic, but enjoy it!

LIBRA- Your social nature is no secret, and today more than ever you need to spend quality time with your dearest friends and family members. It should be easy, as most people are drawn to the comforts of intimacy

SCORPIO- Things get really crazy — the word ‘havoc’ comes to mind — but you can make it through. In fact, you might prove so adept at handling the chaos that you find yourself in a new position really soon!

SAGITTARIUS- Someone needs reassurance that you are on their side, so do what you can to oblige them in any way you can today. It might take all you’ve got, but the payoff will be worth it when it comes.

CAPRICORN- It’s entirely likely that you are the only one thinking about safety today — so make sure you speak up if you spot something that seems off to you! It could be a blocked fire exit or something bigger

AQUARIUS- Your parents or some other older relatives are making life a little harder for you — but you know you need to help them out or honor their memory. It’s one of those days when the past takes precedence

PISCES- Try to reach out and share your feelings with someone — preferably someone important to you, but potentially anyone. You might start a new and vital dialogue, so be ready for anything at all.